Reading information about a Familiar can be quite a difficult task for newcomers, and important data can be found there. This little tutorial will help players to read and understand information about a Familiar in-game.

Finding the Information

In order to make a Familiar's profile appear, players must click on this Familiar's figure (the full image) or small icon (the one displaying the face of the Familiar) when:

  • Full figure of the Familiar is available
    • on the map (touch and hold for 2 seconds ; impossible at an intersection)
    • at the beginning of a battle (touch and hold for 2 seconds ; only touch to swap Familiars)
    • in the Band menu (touch and hold for 2 seconds ; only touch to swap Familiars)
    • in the Bazaar (when making an offer)
    • when obtaining an new Familiar (Details button ; during events, pacts, etc.)
  • Small icon of the Familiar is available
    • in the ritual menus (touch and hold for 2 seconds ; Evolution, Empower, Blood Brothers, and Add New Skill)

Understanding the Information

Beginners Guide Familiar Example

Bare-Branch Treant II 's Familiar profile

Screenshot 2015-12-09-07-35-52

Aegir, the Roaring Sea II's Familiar profile

Once the Familiar's profile is up, different information can be learnt and understood.

Update on mounted familiars:
With a new update it is now possible to see if a familiar is mounted or not. Next to "Level" you will see a field Mounted. See Picture of Aegir, the Roaring Sea II on the Top Right Corner. For further details about mounted familiars see HERE


First of all, the Familiar's name appear in the middle top of the profile. A Familiar with a "II" in its name is the evolution of a previous Familiar (exception exist, see Tawiscara, Baego, White Drake, etc.)


Players will find below the Familiar's figure (or image), its rarity, and its evolution line. The rarity is determined by the big letter in the bottom-left corner of the figure. C is Common, UC is Uncommon, R is Rare, EP is Epic, L is Legendary and M is Mythic . Here, we can see that Bare-Branch Treant II is an Epic Familiar. However, Baego, Red Drake is a Rare Familiar (see picture below).

Evolution Line

The evolution is determined by the stars near the rarity: Familiars can have from 1 up to 4 stars. A yellow star determines the current evolution of a Familiar, and an empty/black one determines its next evolution(s). For example, Bare-Branch Treant II has 4 yellow stars out of 4: it means that it can not evolve into another Familiar.

However, some Familiars have different evolution lines. For example, Lanvall, Lizard Knight II (see picture below) has 2 out of 4 stars: it means it is the second evolution stage of Lanvall, Lizard Knight, and that it can still evolve twice (to Lanvall, Lizard Cavalier II). Note that some Familiars don't evolve at all, and have only 1 star.

Level and XP

At the right of the Familiar's figure are its level, and its stats. The experience (XP) bar displays the number of XP points the Familiar needs to level up (increasing its stats). Here, Bare-Branch Treant II is level 99/99, and the Familiar cannot level up anymore. Note that the max level of Familiars depends on their Rarity: a Rare Familiar wiil be able to reach level 70 , an Epic, Legendary and Mythic Familiar will be able to reach level 99, and a Warlord's max level is 170.

Race and Gender

The Race and Gender of a Familiar are displayed under its level with two little icons:

  1. Circle with Symbols in it for each Race
  2. The well known symbols for male, female and neutral


The stats of a Familiar are displayed under its Race and Gender with little icons:

  1. Circle with HP = Health Points (HP)
  2. Sword = Attack (ATK)
  3. Shield = Defense (DEF)
  4. Graduation hat = Wisdom (WIS)
  5. Running person = Agility (AGI)

If the Stats are written in blue it means that those stats are higher than PE stats.
If the Stats ICON is blue it means that the familiar is POPE. See the picture of Aegir, the Roaring Sea II
For detailed Information about PE and POPE see Evolution page.

Here, it is possible to know that Bare-Branch Treant II has: 10104 HP, 6943 ATK, 7259 DEF, 11052 WIS, and 9271 AGI. Stats are described and explained in the Stats page - this tutorial doesn't cover this aspect.

On the map, the current HP/max HP of a Familiar is shown as a green (or red) bar under the Familiar's figure.


At the bottom of the profile is the Skill of the Familiar, with its own level, proc percentage (%), and description.

Here,Bare-Branch Treant II has the skill Rampike Claws. The skill's level is 20/20, and 0 XP points can be added, because the skill reached his maximum level. The percentage of proc is 30% (level 20).

If there is a triangle on the right side of the skill, it means that the familiars has more than 1 skil. To see the details of the second or third skill, just push this triangle.

Skills are described and explained in the Skills category - this tutorial doesn't cover this aspect.


Left to the familiars level you see a yellow lock. If the lock is closed, this familiar can't be

  1. traded
  2. evolved
  3. used as skill level-up
  4. empowered
  5. dismissed

However in the example picture the lock is open and this restrictions don't apply

Temporary Fields

  1. Elite/Hero Status
    On the upper left side you see a Red Badge with "Elite" in it and an multiplier x10 beneath it. This is a temporary field and only occurs during a certain Event called Raid or SRB for special familiars called Elites. The second temporary field, not shown in this example, indicates an Hero for a specific Event called World Battle Tournament
  2. White Flag
    this indicates that this familiar is currently used in a Brigade, either while exploring a map in the Story mode and/or is used in a Coliseum Brigade (Attacker and/or Defender). While this White Flag shown, the same restrictions apply as in "Lock". Exception: skill level-up


Players will find here the various Familiars used as other examples during the tutorial. (Click to enlarge pictures.)

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