The Bazaar Board is a special board created for the community. You can trade familiars, make offer and create auctions. A few rules must be respected. This tutorial will help you to create your own topic and to trade with other members.


For more rules, see Blood Brothers Wiki:Forum Policy.

  1. Use the forums for all your trading needs, and NOT the Wiki pages or comments.
  2. In order to avoid scams and problems, unregistered users will have to register if they want to start a trading topic/list.
  3. Don't create too many topics; it is not necessary. Use the Edit option instead.
    1. Only one topic will be tolerated by member.
    2. Don't bump your threads, unless you edited your list with new/sold Familiars.
  4. Real money trades are strictly forbidden.
  5. The Wiki and its staff are NOT responsible in case of problem during a trade.
  6. A member or person who is violating these rules may be subject to sanctions (ex: topic closed, or temporary/permanent ban).

Using the Bazaar Templates

  • Description : The Bazaar template consists of 3 templates. The exact syntax has to be respected in order to make it work correctly.
  • Syntax:
  1. start a trade chart with {{TC_open}}
  2. use {{ti|<...>}} with the unnamed parameters listed below.
  3. Third unnamed parameter is optional for notes about where it was from, evolution notes, etc.
  4. repeat
  5. Close trade chart with {{TC_close}}
  • Example:
{{ti|Ghislandi, The Iron Wall|7|from pact}}
{{ti|Galahad, Drake Knight|99|from pact}}

Results in...

Name Level Notes
Ghislandi, The Iron Wall Lvl 7 from pact
Galahad, Drake Knight Lvl 99 from pact
  • Help: Please place any questions, issues or suggestions for these templates in replies to this forum post. You can also contact an administrator or post a comment below.

Editing your posts


Location of the Edit button.

Instead of creating a new topic or message when you want to update your list or modify it, you can use the EDIT function.

When your cursor is placed on a message, a More button will appear in the bottom-right corner of that message. If you click on it, several options will appear. In you posts, the Edit option is here.

Building your Auction topic

You can use the Bazaar templates and the Edit function to create and modify your auction.

Here are a few things you might wanna include on your auction post:

  • Familiar that is being auctioned.
  • Starting price/bid (if resources)
  • End date and time (i.e: January 1st, 2013. 5:00pm PST)

You may also include a few rules with your auction such as:

  • Reserve: Reserve means a secret (or shown) value, that if not reached, you reserve the right of not trading the user the familiar.
  • Sniper Rule: The auction extends (even past it's end time) by X ammount of time after a bid was made. This way u stop last-minute snipers.
  • Minimum Increments: Meaning you can say that a person must increase the price by a certain amount or the bid is invalid.

Once the auction is complete, set up the trade with the person who won the auction.


  • A Trusted Trader List is available.
  • Being a registered user on the website is mandatory to trade.

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