There are two ways you can edit pages on the Wiki:

  1. Via Source Mode
  2. Via Visual Mode

The Visual Mode is easier to operate if you don't have any knowledge/experience of editing source code like eg. HTML but it limits you at some point especially if you want to remove formattings or "unexplainable" errors occur. After reading through this tutorial you should be able to switch to source mode and handle it with ease.

Source Mode

Text formatting

Although there are buttons for that a little breakdown can't hurt. Use:

'''Bold''' or <b>Bold</b>
''Italic'' or <i>Italic</i>
'''''Bold and Italic'''''

to get:

Bold or Bold
Italic or Italic
Bold and Italic


You can create Headlines by adding "=":


They are automatically shown in the table of contents you can add like this:

__TOC__        <-- for a list on the top

{{tocright}}   <-- for a list on the right side


There are two types of lists - the numeric (#) and the dotted (*) list:

*Nr. One
*Nr. Two
**indented Nr. Three
***indented Nr. Four

#Nr. One
#Nr. Two
##indented Nr. Three
###indented Nr. Four

results in:

  • Nr. One
  • Nr. Two
    • indented Nr. Three
      • indented Nr. Four
  1. Nr. One
  2. Nr. Two
    1. indented Nr. Three
      1. indented Nr. Four

You can also indent parts of the text by using ":" as follows:

Normal text
:indented text
::more indented text

will get you:

Normal text

indented text
more indented text


Internal Links

Instead of putting the whole link here you can shorten them by using two square brackets. Example:

Normal Link:
Internal Link:
[[Black Archangel II]]

results in:

Normal Link:
Internal Link:
Black Archangel II

You can add an alternative text to the link by using the "|" command:

[[Black Archangel II|nice fam pic!]]

results in:

nice fam pic!

There are different rules for category pages. For them you have to add a ":" before the link:

[[:Category:Blade Break 4]]

results in:

Category:Blade Break 4

When you use the [[ ]] command please be sure that the page exists and that you've written the name of the page correctly. You can check that by hitting the preview button and hovering over the link - if it says "redlink" you either have a typo or the page doesn't exist.

You can set anchors by adding "#" + the name of the headline after the link:

[[Tutorial:Wiki Code#Links]]

results in:

Tutorial:Wiki Code#Links

External Links

For external links you can use [ ]. Just paste the link and add a description after a space.

[ A really nice game]

results in:

A really nice game

For external links that are on another wiki you may use:

[[w:c:wikiname:pagename|what u want link to say]]

[[w:c:dragonvale:Rainbow Dragon|DragonvaleWiki]]

resulting in:

DragonvaleWiki's Rainbow Dragon


Tables can be a bit more challenging:


{| class="wikitable"      <-- start of the table
|+ Table Headline         <-- |+ defines the table headline
!First Column Headline    <-- ! defines a headline
!Second Column Headline
|-                        <-- |- ends a row
|First Row Column 1       <-- | start of a cell
|First Row Column 2
|Second Row Column 1
|Second Row Column 2
|}                        <-- end of the table
Table Headline
First Column Headline Second Column Headline
First Row Column 1 First Row Column 2
Second Row Column 1 Second Row Column 2

More In-Depth

These parameters can be set to customise tables:

Parameters Explanation
{| class="wikitable sortable" makes the list sortable through the headlines
| colspan="2"
| rowspan="2"


Adding images works the same way as the internal link function with the small difference that you need the "File:" prefix:


looks like this:



Visual Mode

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