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A hundred years ago, the World Battle Coliseum thrilled the people of Arnashia with its gripping team battles. Now a mysterious organization has revived the event. The rebels, hoping to meet others who stand against the empire and claim the prizes on offer to the victors, have decided to join in the competition.
  — In-game Story 

Defense Boost

As long as the Ancient Bridge is not under enemy team's control, defending your Keep will award you a 1.8x Defence Boost to stats. You only receive this boost when defending your own keep, not when assaulting the Bridge or the enemy Keep. You lose your bonus when the enemy team takes control of the Ancient Bridge. If neither side holds the Bridge, both sides are awarded the Defence Boost when defending their own Keep.




Even though elites are not usually tradable while an event is ongoing, for this event Goblin Bombardier is tradable. Players could even obtain it before the event began, as it was introduced well before the event began and was belatedly upgraded to elite status for this event.


Overall Rewards


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