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Special Information

This event uses a Halloween theme, including the Halloween Wheel of Fortune, the backgrounds and the images of the fortune tellers and the goblin thieves, which were replaced with Halloween themed versions:

500004l 500005l 500006l

5000004l 5000005l 5000006l

Used Realms

Each event, a set of 3 realms from the available ones is used. Current event Realms:

  • Realm of Chaos
  • Realm of Echoes
  • Realm of Swiftness

Halloween Wheel of Fortune

Screenshot 2014-10-25-16-13-32

How to Play

- Use a Pumpkin Coin to spin the wheel. Each time the object that ends up on top of the Wheel's pointer (stone pumpkin) will be added to one of the 3 slots in the middle of the Wheel.

- When all 3 slots are filled, you will get a reward based on the combination of objects obtained and their colors.

- Slot contents are reset each after you get a reward.

- Halloween Wheel of Fortune will end at 10/30 00:00 (PT).

- Pumpkin Coins not used by 10/30 00:00 (PT) will be removed.


Same colors, same objects = 15x Bugle

Same colors, different objects = 3x WIS Crystal

Different colors, same objects = 3x AGI Crystal

Others = 1000-5000 Event points.

TIPs for Spin: (Hope useful for All)

Go in, Click SPIN, then click X (Exit), then come back, The SPIN already completed, then SPIN again!!!

Tiers Unlock Times

Silver Tiers
Gold Tiers


Gjallarhorn rewarded at 1,200,000 event points.

Wereheart ShardsBeastheart Shards and Truesight Amulets are

rewarded at the following event point levels:

Wereheart Shard
Wereheart Shard
Beastheart Shard
Beastheart Shard
Truesight Amulet
Truesight Amulet
220,000 4,550,000 200,000

WBT 3 Rewards

WBT 3 Rush Rewards

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus October 25th till October 30th
Day 1 Bugles x2 WBT 2 Login
Day 2 Truesight Amulet x1
Day 3 Mandrake Leafs x3
Day 4 Bugles x3


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