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Associated Pact

Special Information

  • Races unaffected by the effects within Realm of Wintry Night:
  • This time you can refuse missions from Phillip's Whim.
  • Unlike previous event, Phillip's Whim is no longer stackable. Players will only be able to store Missions one at a time.

Used Realms

Each event, a set of 3 realms from the available ones is used. Current event Realms:

Realm of Chaos

Realm of Swiftness

Realm of Wintry Night

Tiers Unlock Times

Silver Tiers
Gold Tiers

Phillip's Whim

King Phillip Figure

King Phillip

While exploring the Realms, King Phillip may occasionally approach you on a whim. Fulfil his requests and get richly rewarded!

Note: Each mission you receive is listed under the missions tab in the event info pane (while in a tier map, press "event", then press "missions")

Mission Request Rewards Points
Bounty Hunter I Win 20 Golden Lance in Arena Challenge 2x ATK Crystal 20,000
Bounty Hunter II Win 20 Black Brute in Arena Challenge 2x HP Crystal 20,000
Bounty Hunter III Win 10 Green Healer and 10 Red Samurai in Arena Challenge 2x WIS Crystal 15,000
Bounty Hunter IV Win 10 Blue Beard and 10 White Knight in Arena Challenge 2x DEF Crystal 15,000
Bounty Hunter V Win 10 Grey Mage and 10 Purple Knife in Arena Challenge 2x AGI Crystal 15,000
Winning Streak I Win 9 consecutive battles in Arena Challenge 1x ATK Crystal 5,000
Winning Streak II Win 15 consecutive battles in Arena Challenge 2x AGI Crystal 10,000
Winning Streak III Win 30 consecutive battles in Arena Challenge 2x ATK Crystal + 2x AGI Crystal 25,000
Boss Slayer I Defeat 3 bosses in Arena Showdown 50x Glory Points 5,000
Boss Slayer II Defeat 5 bosses in Arena Showdown 50x Glory Points 10,000
Boss Slayer III Defeat 10 bosses in Arena Showdown 50x Glory Points 15,000
Arena Champion I Use Briar to defeat 5 bosses in Arena Showdown 2x DEF Crystal + 50x Glory Points 5,000
Arena Gladiator I Use Briar to win 10 battles in Arena Challenges 1x ATK Crystal + 1x DEF Crystal 5,000

Daily Login Bonus

During the Event, the player gets various bonuses for logging in.

Day Bonus January 25th till January 29th
Day 1 Bugles x2 WBT 6 Login
Day 2 Truesight Amulet x1
Day 3 Mandrake Leafs x3
Day 4 Bugles x3


Gjallarhorn is rewarded on 1,200,000 event points.

Scarlet Coin is rewarded on 1,500,000 event points.

Wereheart Shards, Beastheart Shards and Truesight Amulets are rewarded at the following event point levels:

-align="centre"| Wereheart Shard
Wereheart Shard
-align="centre"|Beastheart Shard
Beastheart Shard
-align="centre"|Truesight Amulet
Truesight Amulet
220,000 4,550,000 200,000

WBT 6 Rewards

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